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Nurse Practitioner Students NEED YOUR HELP

NP students need to be placed with awesome preceptors, like you, because you add way more value to their education than their online courses. 

Currently, universities aren't being held accountable to their students. Not only are they struggling to graduate on time, but students also are faced with needless stress and burden. You get it. You all went through the process. You remember what it was like to be in their shoes. 

What's crazy is that preceptors are extremely underappreciated by universities and we refuse to let this continue. We promise we won't do that. 

Quite frankly, you and I both know this issue shouldn't exist. No other healthcare professionals have to deal with it. Let's make sure it doesn't continue. :)

We Appreciate (and ♥) Our Preceptors!

You Heal Patients & Teach Students, Let Us Do Something For You!  

Right Now...

...We know that nurse practitioner students do not have enough resources when they're in school.

But, it's preceptors who haven't been recognized either!

It doesn't make sense given the time involved with teaching students, especially when MD, PA, and DO preceptors are compensated.

It's Not Fair!

To be honest, we're tired of seeing Nurse Practitioners, an amazing group of healthcare professionals, consistantly underserved. It's just not right.

That's why we're creating the nation's largest group of invite-only preceptors that NP students can rely on and contribute to for years to come.

Here's What You Get

✔ Compensation

NPCR preceptors make an average of $750 per student!

✔ Easy Paperwork

We pre-fill all paperwork for you and hold a copy of your CV, so all you have to do is review and sign documents.

This process takes <5 minutes.

✔ Ability To Give Back

We're a start-up supporting NPs. Have ideas on how we can improve or work together? Let's do it.

Let's connect & create :)

How You Can Get Involved

Step 1: Precept

Work with us and precept NP students. Think about it - it’s fun, we promise!

And, yes, of course we compensate preceptors!

Step 2: Help Us Recruit

Receive $100-$150 for each preceptor you recruit.

All you need to do is call or text your colleagues and ask them. We'll take it from there! Let's do it!

Step 3: Advice

Let's brainstorm to find the best way to address this glaring gap in NP clinical education.

We won't stop until this issue is addressed and we need your input!

About Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotations (NPCR)

Who We Are

We put our students and our preceptors first.

Yes, you in fact can build a business caring about the people you serve. 

What We Do

We provide clinical rotation placements for NP students. Our focus is to pair awesome preceptors with awesome students.

Our Vision

In the next 10 years, NP programs will provide clinical rotations for their students without delays, challenges, and unnecessary stress and burden.


Meet The Founders

My vision is within the next 10 years, all NP students will be able to secure preceptors for their clinical rotations without delays, challenges, and unnecessary stress and burden.

Krish Chopra 

I'm excited to lead a team that loves its purpose: to show appreciation for our preceptors and create opportunities for the next generation of nurse practitioners. It seem simple, but it's very challenging and fulfilling. Everyone works very hard every day to be better for you. It's truly inspiring.

Abhi Golhar

Be The Catalyst Of Change For NP Clinical Education

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